Session 90

Stop Hitting Yourself

TFW the vaccine hits ✨

Here come some more mortars. We’ve got a funky version of our ballistic motion in place already, but this stream we start diving into actually calculating the correct angle for our shots. A lot of trigonometry is on the table in this session, so if you remember your high school math and physics classes, it’s a great time to tell us how hard we’re making this on ourselves.


  • We spend a lot of time digging in to this particular Quora answer around ballistic physics, and it’s an invaluable reference, even though we dunk on the tone of the answer just a bit:
  • Dom’s playing Returnal. It’s pretty rad, but has a lot of funny game loop mechanics that don’t hit nearly as hard as Hades. The aesthetics are off the hook, but the risk-reward experience is often just too punishing.
  • The web has been slowly ruined by cookie popups, and there’s no obvious savior in sight. Special thanks to the EU’s GDPR and California’s CCPA.
  • Speaking of awful web technologies, AMP – accelerated mobile pages from Google – may be on its last legs. And good riddance!